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Wow! Another year went by. I have been terrible about blogging this year. It’s the end of 2021 and I always do a year end blog post. If you missed it, check out last year’s post!

2021 has been a decent year for me. Some life changing, some personal insights, and surprising lots of art happened this year. In February, I tested positive for Covid. I did not have a very sever case but it was not fun. It felt like a very bad sinus infection. And while it did not seem too bad, I definitely have some lasting effects. Extreme exhaustion often overtakes me without warning. I’ll be feeling fine and ready to rock, when, WHAM! out of nowhere, I get hit with a wave of tiredness and I instantly become a puddle of goo. These bouts are getting fewer and fewer, so I hope that eventually they will stop entirely.


I did not do much traveling this year. But what I did do was good and well earned. As I mentioned, I had Covid in February, so I decided that, since I had some antibodies, I could do a little travel, so I booked a weekend trip to Orlando to visit Universal Studios and see Harry Potter Wizarding World. Listen to the podcast episodes to find out more about this trip.

In September, I turned 50 and wanted to do something special. I was not very interested in flying anywhere, so I decided to take the train from Cincinnati to Chicago. You can hear about this week long trip to Chicago here.


Did I say that I turned 50 this year? Well, it seems that the day I turned 49, my metabolism said, “Peace, I’m out.”, and I started to slowly gain weight. I am not a vain person, so I was not really worried about some weight gain. But when I went to Orlando, my weight made me feel uncomfortable and I could not enjoy it as much. So, when I got home, I decided to change a few things and lost 35lbs. Now, I feel great, with the exception of those exhaustion bouts.

Also, changed my hair.


If you follow the blog, you’ll know that I have been participating in some art challenges. There was the 30 images in 30 days challenge, Seven Day Liquid Challenge, 5 Day Green Challenge, 6 day Blue challenge, 7 day black and white challenge, and the 30 day Red Challenge. Yikes! That’s a lot of challenges. It’s also not all of them! If you want to see all of the challenge pics I created in 2021, click here. But it had me making art every day and that feels good!

What’s Next?

More art, more living, loving, eating, and sleeping. I hope you have peace and joy in 2022!