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I went to Publix the other day and they had long stem roses on sale. Buy a dozen, get a dozen free. I had been wanting to do some rose images but didn’t want to spend too much money on them. So when I saw them on sale, I grabbed 2 dozen and had some fun.


I started with shooting them in bunches. But pretty much hated the images. So, I decided to do circles. For this one, I thought it would nice to show the large bloom in the center of the unopen buds. I’ve been trying to be more intentional with my art. Often, I create images because they look cool. But when I look further into the reasoning and purpose, I find I really am representing an idea. This image discusses the idea of holding up and supporting. The center bloom is larger, but cannot stand on its own. It needs the outer ring to stand.

Single Buds and Stems

Of course, I had to do some of the individuals. I really love the simplicity of the single rose with the very intense shadow. And the orange and red rose reminded me of a torch with its flame blowing in the wind. I had to make one of the red ones purple because who doesn’t love purple?!


I have previous experimented with items encased in ice. So, I knew that I wanted to do some of these in my ice molds. The large round blooms worked well with the square mold. The single bud image is after the ice started to melt and all that was left was the shape of the rose and the ice bubbles.

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