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I participated in another challenge over at Fine Art America! This challenge was a 7 day challenge black and white images. The only requirement was that the image had to be a true black and white and created the day of posting. I chose to stick with a single subject as I had done with the blue and green challenges. This time I went a cut crystal bowl that I had. We received this item as a wedding gift 16 years ago. I figured all the detail work on it would make for some nice black and white images.

In the dirt

One thing I really wanted to do with this challenge was to play up light and texture. So, I put the bowl in my little raised garden bed, so the dirt would give a nice contrasting texture. These were shot in the morning with the sun behind the bowl. I added a vignette to give these images an old fashioned feel.

Day 1
Day 2

On Wood

One of my favorite places to shoot is on the wood stairs behind my house. The wood has a nice texture and grain. I knew that the etching details in the bowl and wood grain would play well together.

Day 3

Fruit Added

There are only so many ways to shoot an empty crystal bowl without it just getting boring. I decided to add fruit to the bowl. I had some fresh frozen cherries that had not been properly sealed before freezing, so they developed a frosty coating (I can be so lazy sometimes). But that frosty look really makes this image. It was totally worth it! The sun is coming through the slats of blinds on my window and hitting the wood floor. Another great spot that I use a lot for photos.

Day 4

This image was shot with my sacred blueberries (there’s a shortage right now). But sometimes we sacrifice for art. It was shot on my back porch when the sun was shining just right through the lattice work, creating the diamond pattern. The background is a patio cushion.

Day 5

It Rained!

By day 6 I was struggling with ideas. I knew I could different angles of the bowl, upside down or from below. But that just felt boring to me. And then it rained! I put the bowl in the rain with the fresh cherries. The ripples from the rain echo the shape of the bowl and the water beneath creates a nice reflection.

Day 6


This image is all about the details in the bowl. I shot this on the back porch with the sun behind and the patio cushion for the extra texture. I just love the detail work in the etching and the diamonds in the foot of the bowl.

Day 7

These challenges keep me creating even on days when I don’t feel so inspired. Especially when I can’t get out to shoot street scenes or historic locations. Thanks for visiting! See more of my black and white work here.