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After the 30 day challenge, I was feeling frisky and decided to participate in another one. This challenge would last for 7 days and had a theme. The theme for the 7 day challenge was liquid. Any liquid. This felt doable to me. After accepting this challenge, I realized just how busy my life can be on certain days. My weekends tend to be slow and easy, but during the week, things really ramp up. There were a couple of days when I thought I’d have to bow out. But I worked in a little art each day and succeeded! Made some nice art while I was at it, too!

Day 1 – Tadpole

I almost blew it the first day. I got home from work, planning to do something cool and unique. But, well, life sometimes makes other plans. We have a water barrel that sits below one of our gutter spouts. It’s been there for years. The frogs love it and it always has tadpoles in it. So, I thought, how about a tadpole pic? Easier said than done, really. The water is dark and murky and there weren’t as many tadpoles as I expected. But I managed to get quite a few in the pic. I finished this pic using a Topaz filter. All the little color sparks are living organisms – tadpoles, water striders, etc. Mosquitos larvae are usually eaten by the tadpoles and frogs.

Tadpole – a water barrel teeming with life.

Day 2 – Cherry Water

I actually started with a plan on this one. The idea was to drop a bunch of cherries in a bowl of water and catch the image just as they splash into the water. I never really managed to catch it at just the right time. I’m currently obsessed with this idea. So watch for more of these.

Two cherries in a bowl of water

Day 3 – Cherry Heart

Taken the day before during the cherry drop attempt. I noticed the cherries would settle around the edges of the bowl, creating this heart shape. I did slightly retouch after in Photoshop to further emphasize the shape. I really love the cool background with the bright red cherries.

Fresh cherries form a heart shape.

Day 4 – Rainy Tomato

This was another day where I was struggling to come up with something. It had to be quick and easy. It had rained that day, so I thought I’d take a photo of my budding tomato with some rain drops. Unfortunately, my tomato plant is rather sad and lonely right now. The tomato is still very small and sad. I tried to add a little water splash to it using a Photoshop brush. In the end, I got a nice study in green.

Green tomato in the rain

Day 5 – Pouring Beer

I like beer. One of my favorite things about beer is the pour. I like the sound, the scent, the foam. I tried to capture that feeling of anticipation as the beer is pouring and the foam is building. This is another theme I will revisit in the future, I think.

Pouring Beer.

Day 6 – Liquid Glass

An image of a glass bottle filled with water. I placed the bottle on a red cushion, causing the liquid inside to appear red. This image is finished with a Topaz filter to give it a soft, mysterious feel.

Liquid Glass

Day 7 – Blueberry Cream Splash

A revisit of the fruit in liquid drop. This turned out better than I thought. I admit that I played it fast and loose with these. I did not use a tripod, but shot it handheld. So, I poured the liquid with the blueberries, already in it, into the bowl, using one hand. Then shot using the other. Also, fighting off a blueberry loving puppy. I shot outside in the bright sunlight, so I could shoot with a fast shutter speed.

Blueberries splashing into cream.

I even got a certificate for finishing the challenge!

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