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When I signed up for a challenge to create banana art, I had reservations. I was not at all sure what to do with bananas. My first thought was a fruit bowl with bananas. But I decided I wanted to limit my images to just bananas.


I started out simple with a bunch on a wooden background. I liked the textures of the wood. The first image is a very simple image, with an emphasis on the horizontal lines contrasting with the organic, curves of the bananas. The image with the single banana has an even more rustic feel withe dark red, heavily worn wood and heavy shadows. Either of these images would look great with rustic frames or even printed straight onto wood.

Shabby Chic

After shooting the banana partially peeled, I thought I’d slice it and play around. Using the peel as a banana bowl felt unique. The blue and white vertical stripes really compliments the curvature of the banana. These images would look great in a shabby chic kitchen.


These images have a more contemporary, modern feel with the highly reflective background. These images would look great on acrylic or metal, something smooth and shiny.

Thanks for visiting! You can purchase prints and other gifts of any of these images here. Want to see my full gallery? Visit my Pixels page.