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If you’ve been reading previous posts, you’ll know that I have been participating in a lot of image challenges lately. The most recent challenge was a 30 day challenge for images featuring the color red. I have been trying to use the same subject for each challenge, for consistency. It also pushing my creativity to have to come up with different ways to present a certain subject. I didn’t have anything that really excited me. So I started digging in my props box. I found some beads. But they were green. So, I took a note from the green challenge and decided to just change the color. Let me just say 30 days is too many for that. But I did manage to do it and I got some great ideas for future art! I chose to use selective color so the red would really stand out. Enjoy!

Before and After Images

Selective Color Red

For most of these, using selective color was fairly easy. I tried to purposely shoot them so it would be easy to just change the beads. I changed the color using the Hue / Sat adjustment in Adobe Photoshop. In most of them, it was easy to tell Photoshop to change the green to red. That being said, what was I thinking when I used greenery in those rose photos?

Here are just a few of the images, to see the full 30 days, visit my gallery.