Red All About It

Red draws the eye. It doesn’t matter if it’s a see of red or just a pop of red.

In this gallery, you’ll find red signs for restaurants, bars, diners, and cinemas. In Dublin, the Temple Bar is a bright red building on the corning in the Temple District. Yes, it stands out against the gray and beige stone of the other buildings, even the red brick of the building it’s attached to. We did have a pint at the Temple Bar while we were there. The Chairs and Sofas is a favorite of mine. I love signs painted on buildings, especially if they are faded and old. The whole side of the building at one time announced its wares. But when that paint faded, they decided to put up this tiny little sign. It almost gets lost in all that ghost paint. Lema’s is a small joint down the street from me. The building is bright red with that kitschy sign announcing World Famous Chittlins. I have not eaten at Lema’s. Chittlins are not on my menu. Ever. Just down from Lema’s is the, now closed, Keeton’s Jewelers. The sign still stands and the clock is in perfect shape even if the sign has lost a bit of its paint. Aunt Sarah’s is a pancake house in the Richmond, VA area. The sign has a goofy guy chasing a chicken because “Cousin John’s Chicken” I suppose. The pancakes are yummy and the coffee pretty tasty too! The Yara cinema is in Havana, Cuba. The huge amount of empty space on that sign struck me. It was difficult to capture it, as there were a million (maybe not that many) people milling about and the light was fading fast.

The dark red rose is now dead and gone, as is the bush it grew on. But the rose bush lasted for years without any help from me. Every year, it presented me with one or two of these magnificent beauties. Spools of colorful thread were bought for embroidery purposes but have now become props for my photography instead. They are the perfect subject with all that color and texture.

Cars and trucks are favorites of mine. These really stood out as the red really pops against the chrome. An antique fire truck has been perfectly restored to look almost brand new. The chrome bird is the perfect compliment to red paint. And the Custom Cab emblem really caught my eye.

Markets and festivals are great places to find subject matter. The scarves are from a festival. They were blowing in the wind and caught my attentions with all those colors. The farmer’s market is definitely a favorite. I tend to buy produce for the purpose of photographing it since I rarely have time to cook it before it goes bad. Those peppers were screaming at me. I knew I couldn’t buy the whole basket, so I took photos instead. I did buy a purple pepper from this vendor though. The red chinese lanterns were hanging outside of a shop in Chinatown in London. I knew I would never be able to get it home in one piece, so I took pics instead. My photos are my souvenirs when I travel. Some shops and vendors don’t want you taking pics, so be mindful.

The others are pretty self explanatory. A red flag, a red telephone booth in London (how could I resist?), red boots, and a red cape. Actually, the cape was originally green, but I thought red would better represent my solo adventurer.

The selfie photo is a favorite of mine. The windows all closed except one. That one single window, open to the world, and she has her back to it. I’m sure that at some point, she turned around to see what was happening below.

I wanted photos of the vintage mixer, but they were so boring. I needed something to put in that thick glass bowl. But what? I had these strips of red satin (I have no idea why) and they seemed some how appropriate for my mood, frustrated, angry, and a little depressed. But I wanted it to feel like more than a gory looking pic. So, I grabbed the fabric up in tight fists. That was the last photo that I got before my cat decided to photo bomb everything. I might revisit this with a better plan. Eventually. Some day. Maybe.

As always, questions or comments are welcome and appreciated!

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Love Poems

As an artist, I use my photography to express myself. Often my photos are allegories for events and emotions. Photography is about the moment. Sometimes the moment is simple, pretty flower,  cool shadow, or awesome view. But sometimes the moment is more about the emotion. When the heart opens up or closes down. When we say, “ahhh” or “ugh”.  I decided to take it a step further and start writing poems to go with my photos.

These are all love poems, written for my husband. It’s easy to see the ups and downs when I put them all together. At first, I felt unsure about posting them. They are very personal. But then I realized that we all feel this way. We all get angry at our partners. There are moments for all of us when we forget that we love this other person and why. But in the end, I remember why I love him. Enjoy!

Purple and Pink Power

While they (whoever they are) say red is the color of power. I think purple and pink are powerful, too. Purple is my favorite color. The color of royalty,  I tend to feel more confident when I am wearing purple.  I have found a lot of other people like purple, too.  Pink has its place, I suppose. Sometimes, I see something pink and think that should have been almost any other color. But then sometimes I think, “hey, that works!” But purple always works for me. I did include pink in this gallery because they seem to go together. Please enjoy. Be sure to visit my gallery to view lots of other photos and art.  Follow me on Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, too!






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Orange you glad I made this post?

This week’s gallery is orange, orange, and orange! Not the fruit. I don’t seem to have any photos of oranges. Might need to make a new goal.

I live in East Tennessee. If you don’t know, that’s the home of the Tennessee Volunteers. Go Big Orange! is the motto around here. Especially in the fall. I know it’s spring, but it feels like a good time to show my love for the color orange.

My husband has an orange International Harvester pickup. It has its own personality and is maybe a little worn. But it still runs like a charm, sometimes.

Also, I have an an orange and white cat. Anyone will tell you, orange cats are the best! They tend to be a little more affectionate and loving. Maybe a little more people oriented. At least, the ones I’ve met. This boy is no exception. He loves a good snuggle.

And there’s always orange food. Donuts anyone? Yes, I ate some of those after taking that pic. The orange peppers, however, were given to the compost heap.