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It’s the end of the year already! And once again, I have been a little – okay, a lot – neglectful of my blog. But I hope to get it up and going this year. Because I quit my job and have no excuse now! Don’t worry there will be more about that later. What have I been doing this year? Traveling and making art and working. Now that the pesky work thing is out of the way, I can share my travels and art more! Yay! But I’m here to talk about 2022 and share some of the art I made. I participated in a 365 day art challenge. That is 1 piece of art a day. And I have to say it’s indeed been a challenge. But it’s been a good challenge. Turns out I only did 352 days because there were some days that art just couldn’t happen. Like a heavy travel, illness (myself or somebody else), or just life. Here are some of the highlights! Want to see the whole shabang?! Click here.

Things started out simple with some basic still life work. Then went a little weird. After that there were some travel photos. Then along came the beer series. Oh, and a slight obsession with books. I am ending the year with some great fresh fruit still life images, travel maps, and some celebratory images!


This was a great experience for me. I feel like it helped me to grow as a photographer and artist. It forced me to think outside the box and come up with new ideas on a regular basis. Remember these are just a few of the images created this year, be sure to visit my gallery to see more!