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As I have said before, I love photographing fresh produce. One of my favorite fresh fruit images is Overhead Blueberries. I froze the berries so they would have extra texture and color. It also keeps them from getting mushy and smashed when I’m moving them around for shooting. The background was originally a simple glossy white piece of acrylic. I created the radiating lines in Photoshop and added a blue tone.

A bowl of blueberries on a light blue background. The blueberries have a frosted look.
Overhead Blueberries

This image has been accepted into several galleries and exhibits. It is currently hanging in McGhee Tyson Airport https://flyknoxville.com/programs/as part of the local Arts in the Airport. I was recently fortunate enough to see it in person as I was on my way to Minnesota. It’s exciting to see my own art in such a visible location!

Me with Overhead Blueberries in the airport.

Prints and other gifts are available here.