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A friend recently showed me one of her seed catalogs. The images in the catalog were just beautiful. So many beautiful images of fresh produce! I decided I needed to go get some fresh veggies and do my own photos. I headed out to the market and got some lovely beetroot, carrots, bok choy, and an heirloom tomato.


The background is my back porch. The ones that have more paint are in a covered part of the porch. The shadows are from the wood slats in the door and an additional baby gate that is used to keep the dogs from digging at the door. I noticed that the late afternoon sun created some great shadows when the door was closed. The images that have a weathered wood background are shot on my back steps on a more cloudy day. Except that lonely carrot. I really liked the way the shadows of the slats mirror the angle of the carrot. These vibrant prints would look great in any kitchen, dining room, or breakfast nook!

Black and White

I love the color images, especially those beets! But some of these just look amazing in black and white. The absence of color allows the shapes and textures to really stand out, creating a very classic feel. I can see this images on a farm house wall. They emphasize the dirt from which they came. I can almost envision the working hands pulling them during harvest.

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