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I recently visited Covington, KY and walked over the John Roebling Bridge to Cincinnati. The John A. Roebling suspension bridge spans the Ohio River between Covington, KY and Cincinnati, OH. The bridge was erected in 1866. At the time, the bridge, with a span of 1,057 feet (322 m) was the longest suspension bridge in the world. This record was overtaken by the Brooklyn Bridge (also designed by John A Roebling) in 1883. The bridge is currently closed to car traffic but still available as a pedestrian bridge.

The view from Covington, KY.
The Cincinnati skyline as viewed from the Roebling bridge.
The view from Cincinnati, OH.
Viewed down the center
The John A Roebling bridge at sunset
The Cincinnati skyline at sunset.

To find out more about my trip, listen to the podcast here.