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Today we are going to talk about art on things.  Since I was a young art major in college, I have always looked for new ways to present my work. Prints are nice and all, but I am obsessed with having my work on everything, from tote bags to shoes, even umbrellas!

Some say that it cheapens the work and some how makes it less special. I would argue that it allows more people to own and appreciate my work. Some people can’t afford a $50 print, but maybe they can afford a $15 mug. And they will see and interact with that image daily. I love the idea of that. These make great unique gift ideas or maybe you just want something different!



Hope by Sharon Popek

A coffee mug with a colorful image of hope

Maybe a backpack is more your thing.

Hope by Sharon Popek

This backpack definitely stands out!

Watch for more cool things from me! Umbrellas included!