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Colorful Tulips in the Sun

This is one of my all time favorite images. It’s also very popular. Not as popular as Boot Fan. But definitely, a preferred image. 

Spring Excursion

It was a early spring and the flowers were starting to bloom. We had heard about a local thing called Open Gardens. This is where a local person allows a bunch of strangers to wonder about in their yard and enjoy the fruits of their gardening labors. We found this house on the list and decided to check it out. We were there in the morning, when not too many other people were out. The sun was filling all those beautiful tulips with light, creating a blanket of color and light. 

Colorful Tulips in the Sun by Sharon Popek
Cups of sunlight



Something Different on Sunday

Today we are going to talk about art on things.  Since I was a young art major in college, I have always looked for new ways to present my work. Prints are nice and all, but I am obsessed with having my work on everything, from tote bags to shoes, even umbrellas!

Some say that it cheapens the work and some how makes it less special. I would argue that it allows more people to own and appreciate my work. Some people can’t afford a $50 print, but maybe they can afford a $15 mug. And they will see and interact with that image daily. I love the idea of that. These make great unique gift ideas or maybe you just want something different!



Hope by Sharon Popek
A coffee mug with a colorful image of hope

Maybe a backpack is more your thing.

Hope by Sharon Popek
This backpack definitely stands out!

Watch for more cool things from me! Umbrellas included!