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In my post about being obsessed with books, there were some images of beer with book art superimposed. The beer images are part of my beer series. You can find more about that process here. While working on the beer series, I found myself with these cool glass tea cups. Yes, I randomly buy things at thrift stores and from Etsy for the sole purpose of photographing them.

On Black Background

I shot these the first time on a black background. All that detail in the glass picks up the light nicely and the black gives it good contrast. I did start with the glasses empty. But decided to change it up and create a pour series. The secret is that it’s cold coffee and with the magic of Photoshop, I added steam and a reddish color to make it look more like tea. But I love that black background.

Tea in the Rain

It’s been raining. A lot. I’ve been trying to incorporate that into my images lately but my timing has been lousy. It seems every time I have the time for a photo shoot, it’s not raining. But pouring rain the rest of the time. I really wanted to do a tea in the rain shot. I finally found my moment. It was raining buckets, I made some watered down coffee, grabbed the tea pot, and my glass cups. Rain stopped. Just like that. Stopped. Argh! The porch was still wet and had a nice pool of water for great reflections. So, I did some photos for the nice reflections. I did shoot a full pour, but they were so boring since there was no rain. I decided to make my own rain. I used my extra large watering can. Bam! Perfect rain.

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