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I’ve previously done blog posts about my book art. But lately, I’ve been obsessed with it. I have been creating composites with several books that I’ve had for years. I just can’t stop myself. Everyday, I come up with a new idea for an image. Here are some of my composite images.

It’s about the spoon

I found this unique spoon in my silverware drawer and knew I wanted to do something unusual with it. The sun was setting so I held it up so the sun would hit it in just the right spot. That made for its own cool image. But I wanted something a little different. The book is called Green Magic: Flowers Plants & Herbs in Lore & Legend by Lesley Gordon. It was originally published in 1977. I found it at a thrift store (I think).

Flower Girls

This illustration from the same book as above is one of my favorite. I wracked my brain trying to find something cool to use for a composite. I decided that since they were flowery, I should use flowers. So, beautiful pink azaleas make the perfect background.

It’s About Time

This is a composite featuring a clock I found in a thrift store and information about the phases of the moon. The book is called Early Steps in Science by Webb & Didcoct, original copyright 1924. The book is a treasure trove of ideas for image composites.

It’s Magic

I love this book. I find myself making excuses to use it in my composites. The illustrations are all amazing and I’m a little obsessed with the concept of witchcraft and magic. The book is The Encyclopedia of Magic & Witchcraft by Susan Greenwood, original copyright 2001. I found it in the discount bin at a bookstore years ago.

Beer and Women

The witch images are from the above book. The type in the background is a history of women in beer (not from this book).


I buy fresh eggs from a guy I work with. They are always different colors, so I thought they might make some nice photos. Then, I remembered I have the cookbook of all cookbooks – Fanny Farmer’s Cookbook. The only illustrations are advertisements in the back of the book (watch for some art featuring those gems soon!). But there is a whole chapter on eggs!

That light though

The lighting is natural shadows from the sun shining through the windows of my house. Different times of day create different patterns through blinds and open windows. I find the light adds as much to these as the subject matter.

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