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I quit my job! That’s right, I decided that I needed to take a break from working. I am fortunate enough to be financially secure without it. I should say that it’s not forever. I am not retired. I am merely taking a break. What do I wish to accomplish? I ask myself that every day. I also ask myself, “What the fuck have you done?!” at least twice a day. It’s scary. But I hope to become a better person by allowing myself this time. I plan to try to spend more time with my family and friends. And they’ll be happy because they won’t have to hear me bitch about work!

A bowl of blueberries

I have given myself a year. I have the discipline to keep myself on track. But I have to define my track first! I am honing in on a very specific project that I would like to work on. I am applying for several art grants to pay for this project, so cross your fingers and send good vibes my way!

Green Glass

So far, setting up a routine has been difficult. There have been a few roadblocks and side tracks that have kept me from a set schedule. But I’m hoping that now the holidays are over, I can make a plan and stick with it. Of course, plans often get scrapped and derailed. I hope to be able to roll with whatever comes and not panic too much.

A pear wrapped in beads

I think some of you might be wondering why I would quit my job without having a replacement or a plan. I was terribly unhappy there. I don’t really blame my ex-employers. I had been fired from my previous job and had the opportunity to collect unemployment for a while and would have been fine for a bit. But, I panicked and took the first job to come my way. Read more about this in Midlife Angst 1 & Midlife Angst 2. My mental health has been suffering and I feel my talents and skills have been waning since they were not being utilized. Depression is a thing, y’all! I have been driving myself and the people who love me crazy for years. Complaining and whining and not allowing myself to move forward.

It’s time!

I finally realized that I have to trust myself to make it work. No-one else is going to do this for me. So, here I am, unemployed. Quite possibly unemployable (age discrimination is very real). But I have to give it a try. For myself and the people who love me.

All that being said! Looking for a way to support an artist? Buy their work! You can see my galleries and purchase work here.