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Last week I did a 5 day challenge where we had to create 1 piece of Valentine themed art per day. I knew that I wanted to do something with chocolate as well as fresh cherries. I didn’t want to use plain old chocolates, but I wanted something more high end than what would be available in the grocery store. We have several local chocolatiers, but one of my favorites is Coffee and Chocolate in downtown Knoxville, TN. The fresh cherries came from the grocery store. Since it’s winter, not much chance of getting those at the farmer’s market! Props obtained, it was time to create!

The challenge actually started before I could get the props. So, I created this retro looking image using fabric with a pattern featuring a retro woman and roses. This image is available on lots of different gift ideas. From greeting cards to mugs! Just click on the image it will take you directly my shop!

Chocolates obtained!

Once I got the beautiful chocolates, I went to work in the studio.

The chocolates were fun to shoot but hard not to eat! We did eat them after the shoot, though. They were delicious!

Fresh Cherries

I did some fun stuff with the fresh cherries, too! I made a heart shape with them and kept it simple with a white background. I set the light up so that there would heavy shadows for a little something different. The cherries in ice came out better than expected. I was having trouble creating clear ice. But these came out just clear enough to see the cherries. I love all the little bubbles and details in the blocks, too.

If you are looking for a unique gift for a special someone or maybe you just want to give yourself something cool, click on any of the links below to find some awesome gifts. Gift them art, it lasts longer!



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