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Asheville North Carolina Courthouse

I recently started a podcast called Tourist in Your Town. The most recent episode is Asheville, North Carolina. While there, I got the chance to take some great photos of the area and learn about the rich history of the town.

Courthouse and City Hall

We all know that I have thing for courthouses. The Buncombe County Courthouse and the Asheville City Hall stand side by side in the Historic district. The City Hall was originally built to be the courthouse, but it was never used for that purpose. The art deco architecture of the city hall is so detailed and beautiful. The courthouse is a much more utilitarian building with an overlay of Neo-Classical ornament applied. 

Asheville City Hall
Asheville City Hall
Buncombe County Courthouse

4 thoughts on “Asheville North Carolina Courthouse”

  1. Beautiful architecture, Sharon! Houston where I mostly grew up had city hall & county blogs sorta like this, but many weren’t a preserved. Glad Asheville’s done such a nice job 🙂

    1. I’m glad they’ve kept these buildings in tact, too. So many of these great places get torn down for parking lots.

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