Between the Old and New by Sharon Popek

Black and White or Color

This is an interactive blog. I would like your feedback and opinion on this images. I have a hard time deciding if I like the black and white or color versions better. Of course, in the end, I usually offer both in my shop. But it is nice to get feedback. So let me which you prefer and why.

New York Public Library

When on the train to NYC, I met a lady who told me I had to go see the Public Library. She did not lie. 

Trefoil Arch Central Park

I love this tunnel. I have seen other photos and was excited when I came across it while wandering the park. I had to wait for a few people to come along and walk through to get this image. I prefer the black and white. It  emphasizes the shapes and textures better. What do you think?

The New York Times Building

When I looked up and saw this, I knew that I had to take a picture of it. I am torn on which I prefer. I like the more modern feel of the color version. But I really like the classic touch of the black and white.

Between the Old and the New

The thing I love most about traveling in large cities is this. When modern meets historic and a classic in between. I can’t pick which I like better. Maybe you can!

Glass House Tavern Sign

I found the simplicity of this sign to be eye catching. Shoe horned in with the big showy marquees of Times Square, it caught my attention. The black and white image feels like classic, like it could have been taken in the early days of photography.

I look forward to your input on these images! Also, feel free to link to your own blog in the comments below.

Prints of all images are available in my shop.

5 thoughts on “Black and White or Color”

  1. I like both black & white and color, though each produces its own emotional reaction. For me, black and white images evoke an older time, no matter the subject;color images give me a sense of Today, Now, Modern, even when they’re of the same subject.

  2. You have some great images there Sharon, I always like your black and whites too. I think using black and white or colour depends what you want to bring out with the image, what you want the viewer to be drawn to. So in the first image you post, the colour image draws your eye to the pop of colour of the people balanced with the red banner diagonal to that. the black and white version brings out the glorious shadows of the archways and architecture and draws your eyes to that. They both have merit so offering both versions makes sense.

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