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I started making travel maps several years ago after a trip to Cuba. At that time, I felt like my images were very similar to the images other people had taken of the area. You can see some of those originals maps here. Since then, I have made at least one map for every place I’ve visited. It’s a good way to create something unique.

I thought I might share some of my most recent maps and show you the before and after.

Chicago Vintage Postcard

This was the first one I did with the postcard style. The ones before this are more map like.

I used a map, an illustration, and an early 20th century photograph to create this one.

The final image reminded me of a vintage postcard, so I went with it and made several more! Click on the pic to purchase prints or other items!

Boston Vintage Postcard

This is the original image of the Boston Skyline. Like this image? Click on it and you can prints or other gifts!

An image of the Boston skyline.

I chose an illustration for this one rather than a map. It allowed me to create a more vintage postcard feel to the final image. All of the maps and illustrations that I use are in the public domain. I find them on Wikimedia Commons or the Library of Congress.

The final Boston Postcard. The colors have been brightened and a filter applied to the skyline image, so it also looks like an illustration. The final image is available as a print, as well as on others items, like pillows, etc. Just click on the pic!

Knoxville Vintage Postcard

After success with the Chicago and Boston postcards, I wanted to create one for my home town of Knoxville. I went to several places in the area to get just the right skyline pic.

I used 3 different illustrations for this one, including an actual map. Although, the map was too small to do much with.

Since the original illustrations had little to no color, I was not able to push the saturation on those. But I could push it on the skyline image.

Thanks for visiting the blog. To see more of my travel maps, click here.