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Purple and Pink Power

While they (whoever they are) say red is the color of power. I think purple and pink are powerful, too. Purple is my favorite color. The color of royalty,  I tend to feel more confident when I am wearing purple.  I have found a lot of other people like purple, too.  Pink has its place, I suppose. Sometimes, I see something pink and think that should have been almost any other color. But then sometimes I think, “hey, that works!” But purple always works for me. I did include pink in this gallery because they seem to go together. Please enjoy. Be sure to visit my gallery to view lots of other photos and art.  Follow me on Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, too!






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Greeting Cards

A great way to own art

I’m going to let you in on a  little secret. If you’ve always wanted to own art, but you can’t afford most of it, or really just have no place to put a giant print, I’ve got an idea for you. Greeting cards. All of my photos are available as greeting cards on my Fine Art America site. They are 5 x 7, printed on 100 lb  card stock, and UV coated to create a semi-gloss finish. You can send them to friends and family for any occasion or keep them for yourself. You can order them blank inside or with a message. Be sure to visit my gallery to see the hundreds of photos available.

You can say Happy Birthday, Happy Father’s Day, Happy Mother’s Day, Happy Easter, Happy Spring, Summer Rocks, Winter Sucks, or just say “I’m thinking of you.”

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Everybody’s Favorites

Here is a gallery of the favorites everyone chose.  It was important to me to get the opinion of others because it’s hard for me to be objective sometimes. I know the story. I know the work that went into the art. I know how I felt when I took the photo, so something that is pretty blah to others might be my favorite of all. But sometimes you know when you have one that everyone will love.  Boot fan is an all around favorite for everyone. Who doesn’t love good looking boots? And Selfie in the Window. I saw the young women in the window and knew that I had to take that photo. It has proven to be popular. The flowers are favorites, too. I love all of the maps, but it seems only a few get the thumbs up from everyone else. So, here they are. Feel free to comment.

Oh, yeah, these are all available for sale in my Fine Art America Gallery – click here.


Shadow Play

Sometimes my photography feels stagnate or I just do not feel inspired. When this happens, I try to challenge myself to try something new and different. I decided to do some shadow play today. Most of the shadows were organic in shape and cast by natural things like leaves or plants. But I did catch the shadow of a lawn chair and it came out pretty nice. I briefly considered making these black and white, but decided that the shadows themselves had little color already. I also really liked the pieces of color from the rust of the car or random leaves. I would love to see your shadow play, feel free to tag me.



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