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Purple is my favorite color. Purple flowers are always a draw for me.


One of my favorites is the Lunaria Plant , Honesty, or Annual Honesty. I love that this plant looks so different in the spring then it does in the fall and winter.

Purple Lunaria by Sharon Popek

Purple Lunaria Flowers

Purple Lunaria by Sharon Popek

Purple Lunaria flowers with a rusty lawn ornament


Tulips are another favorite. I love it when the sun shines through them, creating cups of lights.

Tulips by Sharon Popek

Purple and White tulips and spring flowers.

Cups of Lights by Sharon Popek

Purple Tulips with the sun shiny through


We have a lonely Iris that pops up every year. It is by far my favorite.

Purple Iris by definition

Deep Purple Iris. It’s like purple velvet.

Inside Iris by Sharon Popek

Inside a purple Iris.