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This week’s gallery is orange, orange, and orange! Not the fruit. I don’t seem to have any photos of oranges. Might need to make a new goal.

I live in East Tennessee. If you don’t know, that’s the home of the Tennessee Volunteers. Go Big Orange! is the motto around here. Especially in the fall. I know it’s spring, but it feels like a good time to show my love for the color orange.

My husband has an orange International Harvester pickup. It has its own personality and is maybe a little worn. But it still runs like a charm, sometimes.

Also, I have an an orange and white cat. Anyone will tell you, orange cats are the best! They tend to be a little more affectionate and loving. Maybe a little more people oriented. At least, the ones I’ve met. This boy is no exception. He loves a good snuggle.

And there’s always orange food. Donuts anyone? Yes, I ate some of those after taking that pic. The orange peppers, however, were given to the compost heap.