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I love books. I admit that I do most of my reading on a tablet these days. It’s better for my neck and back to not be carrying around heavy books. But I still love physical books. I have recently been using them for still life photography. A book in particular that I have been using is called Early Steps in Science by Hanor A. and Didcoct John J. Webb (according to the internet). However, my book says Webb & Didcoct. I found the book at a thrift store and thought a book about early science might be a cool thing to have. Turns out, it is perfect for making art for book lovers.


It’s no secret that I love all things train. This cool book has a section on travel. The very first section is on trains. I decided the best way to treat this section was with a pocket watch. In early the early days of the railroad, conductors used pocket watches to ensure accurate timing of the train, to prevent accidents with other trains.  They used a very specific railroad approved watch to ensure accuracy. I thought this combination worked well. This image is finished with a sepia tone and vintage style texture. It reminds me of early still life photography.

Time to Read is a sepia image, featuring a pocket watch and book by Sharon Popek
Time to Read


I take a lot of photos of shop windows. The images tend have cool reflections and odd lighting. This image felt boring on its own. But when added to a chapter about clothing, it’s something entirely different and unique.  

Photography and Motion Pictures

A composite of the front of the book, a pocket watch, and a chapter on Photography and Motion Pictures. Also finished with a vintage look to represent early photography. 

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