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If you have ever talked to me for more than 5 minutes, you know, I’m not the outdoorsy type. It’s a fine place, but I like cities with restaurants, hotels, shops, and people. I admit that when I previously thought of Maine, I never really had much desire to go. Mostly because the people I knew that had been there were those outdoorsy types who went for the nature. But I received an invitation to a friend’s vow renewal, so off to Maine I went. And I found more than just fishing and hiking!

I spent several days in the finger lakes area, staying at Poland Springs Resort. My friends were having their vow renewal ceremony on Crescent Lake. The lake location was beautiful!

Poland Springs

I would like to point out that I stayed at the Presidential Inn and I am pretty sure I was the only person in that massive building for the first night! It felt a little spooky. But it was nice and quiet! The next night it was full.

Portland Maine

After Poland Springs, I stayed in Portland, ME.

I did take a ride on the Maine Narrow Gauge train. The narrow gauge is a 2 ft wide train track that runs 1 1/2 miles up Casco Bay. they have both steam and diesel. They only run the steam engine during certain times. I opted for the first class train car, a very comfortable ride. But they do have an open air car that would be better for taking photos during the ride.

I enjoyed visiting Portland, Maine. Lots of great food and beer! If you like these images and would like to purchase prints or other gifts, visit my Maine gallery!