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Lock and Key

A recent still life series. Locks and keys have always been a favorite. I found this set a local flea market.  The unique shapes caught my eye. The rusty old look closed the deal.  I like to give the items in my still life photos life. I make up stories about them. The two smaller ones are a definite pair. They go together so perfectly. It must have been destiny. They are soulmates. The larger lock just sort of lives alone in a world all its own. I don’t think it’s lonely though. He just likes to do his thing and watch the world around him.


©Sharon Popek 2016
Two Locks One Key
©Sharon Popek 2016
©Sharon Popek 2016
One Open One Closed
©Sharon Popek 2016
Single and Open
©Sharon Popek 2016
Locked and Lonely
© Sharon Popek 2016
Triple Locked


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