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Love Poems

As an artist, I use my photography to express myself. Often my photos are allegories for events and emotions. Photography is about the moment. Sometimes the moment is simple, pretty flower,  cool shadow, or awesome view. But sometimes the moment is more about the emotion. When the heart opens up or closes down. When we say, “ahhh” or “ugh”.  I decided to take it a step further and start writing poems to go with my photos.

These are all love poems, written for my husband. It’s easy to see the ups and downs when I put them all together. At first, I felt unsure about posting them. They are very personal. But then I realized that we all feel this way. We all get angry at our partners. There are moments for all of us when we forget that we love this other person and why. But in the end, I remember why I love him. Enjoy!

Lock and Key

A recent still life series. Locks and keys have always been a favorite. I found this set a local flea market.  The unique shapes caught my eye. The rusty old look closed the deal.  I like to give the items in my still life photos life. I make up stories about them. The two smaller ones are a definite pair. They go together so perfectly. It must have been destiny. They are soulmates. The larger lock just sort of lives alone in a world all its own. I don’t think it’s lonely though. He just likes to do his thing and watch the world around him.


©Sharon Popek 2016
Two Locks One Key
©Sharon Popek 2016
©Sharon Popek 2016
One Open One Closed
©Sharon Popek 2016
Single and Open
©Sharon Popek 2016
Locked and Lonely
© Sharon Popek 2016
Triple Locked


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