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First and Last Images of 2018

At the end of 2017, I wrote a blog about my first and last images of the year.  I thought I would do the same this year. It’s a great way to see where I’ve been and if I have gotten better or worse or about the same.

The first image I uploaded in 2018. I love fantasy books and art. I have been attempting to create some of my own. Silver keys hang from an overgrown vine, just waiting to be plucked. It has the feel of a dream.

The Key to Fantasy.

The last image uploaded in 2018. This started out as an image created for a stripes image challenge. But it turned out to be more about the hands. I see a series of hands coming soon. 


Be sure to share your own 2018 retrospectives in the comments! Feedback is also welcome.

All images are available as prints. If you click on the image, it will take you directly to my shop. 

Cold Creativity

In the dead of winter, when it’s cold and dreary outside is a good time for me to experiment and get a little more creative with my photos.  Feedback is always welcome!

Life in Blue: A Gallery of Blue Art

This week’s gallery is all about the blues. There are so many different kinds of blue. There’s midnight blue, dark blue, light blue, sky blue, teal, etc. My gallery has them all. The blues of the sky, blue glass, blue cars, blue signs, and blue water.


I love signs and marquees, especially when they have a vintage, retro feel.  The blue Bijou Marquee and the Square Room Marquee are both in Knoxville, TN. The Floridita Bar is in Cuba. My sister and I stopped in for a drink while wondering the streets of Trinidad. You can see some of my other signs and marquees in my sign gallery.


The fantasy art was new to me at the time. I have spent most of my life believing I could only use my camera to photograph what is there and as an artist use that to create something personal. But I decided to try something different and created a whole new world in these photos. The Goddess as creator is a definite theme for me. You can see more of my Goddess and fantasy work in this gallery.


Glass tends to be popular among photographers. Mostly because it changes the moment depending on the light. Light coming through or reflecting off glass can change the look of feel of any room or subject. Visit my Glass gallery to see reflections, refractions, and everything in between.


Cars are another favorite for me. I suppose it’s because they are usually reflective like glass and they tend to have great curves and details, especially classic cars. It’s difficult to get a great car shot at car shows, though. There are usually so many people and other cars  around. But where there is a will there is a way. Be sure to visit my Car gallery to see some cool old cars and trucks.

To purchase prints of any of these photos, visit my gallery.



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